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While it comes as no surprise that many of us hate even the thought of having cockroaches in our home, it still happens. We have received more calls than usual from the Sacramento area about roaches so it seems there is an increase in these pest incidents.

These instances could be the result of living near a foreclosed home or a home that is not properly taken care of, nor cleaned regularly. Roaches will feed upon the food they find in your neighbor’s home before moving on to your own home. Unfortunately, they can go up to two weeks without water and a month without food so they aren’t the easiest pest to get rid of on your own.

Luckily, our expert Pest & Rodent Specialists in Sacramento provide cockroach removal services to the Sacramento area so you can get back to enjoying your home.

More About Cockroaches

Cockroaches can adapt to any environment enabling them to survive in conditions that a majority of other pests could not. What many people might be unaware of is that roaches can be a huge health risk to have in your home. They carry bacteria and it can be given to humans through means of using contaminated surfaces and objects. Including your eating utensils. If exposed to this bacteria, humans may experience diarrhea or even food poisoning.

Sacramento Cockroach Prevention

Preventing these particular pests is something many of us do not think about. In fact, we don’t often think about a pest problem until we are staring at one, dreading at having to deal with it. However, prevention could have saved you from having to deal with a roach infestation and is why we are supplying the following prevention tips.

  • Seal any gaps and holes where they can enter. This includes the area around plumbing, windows, doors, baseboards, etc.
  • Keep your storage areas free of unused cardboard boxes and paper. This is an invitation for roaches.
  • Keep food sealed in containers. This includes keeping your kitchen counters free of any food items these pests could enjoy.

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Sacramento Cockroach Treatment

Treating roaches can be time consuming and lead to a waste of money if you have an infestation. Treating cockroaches at the first signs of activity is your best option but many homes will have several roaches before they are actually noticed and by then it’s often close to being out of control.

With our experience the solutions you can purchase in-store are not successful. Our treatments will provide better results due to the substance we use that cannot be purchased in stores.

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