Here at Sacramento Pest & Rodent Specialists we find that many callers are seeking advice or help with flea control. It’s unfortunate for anyone to have to deal with fleas. They’re a nuisance and can be tough to get rid of on your own with in-store treatments.

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Fleas can infest very quickly but we can help you eliminate them; call us today!

Fleas are a parasite often found on an animal but known to feed on humans as well. Fleas can actually spread a bacterial disease called murine typhus to humans. Luckily this disease can only be transmitted when you are in contact with an infected rat. The symptoms include headache, muscle pain and fever. If you have noticed fleas and rats in your home, you should call Sacramento Pest & Rodent Specialists’ flea control experts right away to lessen the health risk.

Fleas do not have wings but get to their hosts by means of jumping. They are flat in shape and have 6 legs. Their bodies are only 1/12″ to 1/6″ so they are hard to see, making it even harder to treat them.

If you suspect fleas or have noticed them in your home or on your pet, call us right away. Don’t waste your money on in-store treatments that often leave hundreds of fleas unseen and untreated, making your flea problem last longer than it should.

We offer flea control and can provide information on ways to prevent the problem from occurring again in the future. Call (916) 382-7353 today to learn more about what our flea treatment includes and to schedule an appointment.